Do you associate getting lean with living a life that sucks?
Cutting out your favorite foods.
Doing exercise you don't like.
Staying in on the weekends.
We've been there and understand why you may not even want to get started with a new fitness program.
Most people sincerely believe that getting lean is HARD.
We are here to prove to you that IT'S NOT.
The process of getting lean is SIMPLE.
You just have to do TWO THINGS 5 out of 7 days a week.
These are the two things...
   1. Eat for your body 
2. Move your body
1. Eat for your body
Personalized Plan
We will teach you how to calculate your calories & macronutrients for your body.
The Simple Meal System
You will get a complete system for learning what to eat for your body at home & while traveling.
Tutorials On Nutrition 
You will have full access to tutorials on nutrition that make getting lean easier & more enjoyable.
2. Move your body
12 week workout plan
No gym required. Less than 30 minutes a day. All jump rope & bodyweight workouts.
Jump Rope Tutorials
Jump rope tutorials from beginner level all the way to advanced.
Bodyweight Tutorials
Bodyweight exercise tutorials from beginner all the way to advanced.
You can expect to get these results...
We are not here to sell you on some magic pill or miracle weight loss system. The truth is that the longer you stick with the program the better results you will see. 
One week... lose 3 pounds.
 One month... lose 10 pounds 
(When people at the office start to ask what you've been doing) 
Full 12 weeks... Lean Mean Fat Burning Machine
(When friends & family start blowing up your email & Facebook inbox asking you how they can replicate your results)
Beyond that... as long as you follow the principles taught in this course you are going to reach whatever goal you set for yourself. Whether that's six pack abs, sculpted arms, improved athleticism or just more energy for life!
We also understand that life happens and sometimes its tough to stick with something new. That's why we have built in LIFETIME ACCOUNTABILITY with this course to keep you on track.
This is how you stay consistent...
Private FB Community
Unlimited access to a close group of people just like you attempting to get lean & live their best life.
Daily Accountability
You will get daily access to our accountability tool located at
Motivation From Us
We will be in the group motivating you, answering questions & making sure you stay on track.
Here is a look at some of our community members...


Zen Dude Coaching rocked! Not only did Dan and Brandon help me lose 30 lbs. of body fat in a short 3 months, they helped make staying lean mindless. I travel for work frequently so I needed a program that allowed me to get fit anywhere without interfering with my lifestyle. Dan and Brandon’s passion and enthusiasm were the difference makers. If you want to transform and level up your health, Zen Dude coaching all the way!


I first started working with Zen Dude Fitness, because I wanted to look and feel amazing. I never could get over the hump by myself mostly because I thought the process was too hard and the thought of change scared me. ZDF provided the simple structure I needed to make the change I wanted in my life. I got off the elliptical - started jumping rope and I haven’t looked back since.


Harrison is a long time Zen Dude Fitness follower who applied the core philosophies we teach around nutrition and exercise and was able to completely transform his body. Beyond his physical transformation his happiness has significantly increased by applying the mindset strategies he learned through his Zen Dude Coaching experience with us.


In less than 12 weeks working with Zen Dude Fitness Cam was able to transform both his body and mind. Through implementing intermittent fasting he is now the leanest he's ever been and has a thriving start up. One of the biggest advantages Cam found through working with us was the simplicity and ease involved in the process of getting lean and living a life optimized for both productivity and happiness.


I've worked out for years, but never looked the way I wanted due to a poor diet. By honing in on my nutrition with The Zen Dudes I was able to get shredded. Lesson learned is that you cannot out train a shitty diet.


Zen Dude Fitness has helped me get closer to my body fat % objective while training for an Ironman Triathlon. It’s usually very difficult to combine fat loss objectives with high performance in sports. Often, they require different nutrition regimens. Dan and Brandon have helped me drop from 19% to 10% body fat. I am lucky to call Dan Witmer and Brandon Epstein my friends as well as remarkable coaches.
The Zen Dudes 
(That's right, we went on the same journey you're about to embark on)
Getting lean should not suck. It should be fun. It should be sustainable. And it should be just a small portion of an overall awesome life. Join this course today and kickstart your own transformation! 
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