Jump Rope. Get Lean. Have Fun.
The Jump Rope Workout Plan
Go from beginner to advanced in 12 short weeks.
This is the ultimate training guide for the jump rope ninja who wants to take their skills and physique to the next level. Over 12 weeks we will teach you how to improve your jump rope skills while simultaneously sculpting your physique. What we have learned over our years of training is that if your exercise is not fun - it is not sustainable. That's why we are so pumped on jump rope. You get to have fun learning new tricks while at the same time sculpting a lean and muscular physique.
12 Weeks Of Workouts
150+ Exercise Demos
For All Skill Levels
The 3 Phases of The Jump Rope Workout Plan.
  • Phase 1: Master the jump rope basics
  • Phase 2: Improve your jump rope footwork¬†
  • Phase 3: Learn the best jump rope tricks
Meet Your Zen Dude Coaches...

Brandon, AKA Zen Master Ep

When I decided to end my college football career I was almost 250 pounds and my blood pressure was borderline hypertensive. The first 40-50 pounds I lost were due to pure grit. I ate bland food, exercised like crazy and cut out my social life. It sucked. When I started jumping rope and eating the right amount of food for my body - fitness finally became fun! Today I am down a total of 70 pounds and am able to maintain my physique almost effortlessly by jumping rope and living the Zen Dude Lifestyle. 

Dan, AKA Dr. Fat Loss

Jumping rope has changed not only my body but my life. Not even 4 years ago I was working as a traveling salesman and facing a problem common to many people: trying to lose weight while balancing ambitions for career growth. In total over the course of 2 years I was able to lose 70 lbs., going from (260 lbs. to 190lbs.), most of which can be attributed to jumping rope. The jump rope not only allowed me to lose a bunch of weight and get shredded, it provided me a fun, alternative way of exercising that I could do anywhere in the world. 

The Do.The.Thing. Money Back Guarantee

The Do.The.Thing. Guarantee is simple and built on the foundation of integrity. If you do the thing (complete 12 weeks of this workout plan) and for any reason are not satisfied with your results we will give you a full refund. No questions asked.
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