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Do you think gaining muscle is only for those who are genetically gifted?
Think again.
Everyone can gain lean muscle mass.
It's science. It's proven. It's going to work for you.
My guess is your goal is to look like Cristiano Ronaldo or an olympic sprinter. Lean and muscular, but not bulky like a bodybuilder.

The problem is that most websites and magazines that talk about gaining muscle are speaking to dudes who want to look like bodybuilders, so their advice is too extreme and you decide that maybe it's not worth all the hard work.
True: Gaining muscle takes a lot of hard work
False: Gaining muscle is complicated
True: Gaining muscle only takes doing two things consistently
False: Gaining muscle requires that you eat boring food from tupperware
True: Gaining muscle requires consistency above all else
False: Gaining muscle needs to ruin your social life
Like losing weight. Gaining muscle only requires two things.
   1. Eat for muscle
2. Lift weights 3 times a week 
1. Eat for muscle
Personalized Plan
We will teach you how to eat the right amount of food to ensure you gain lean muscle mass.
The Simple Meal System
You will get a complete system for learning what to eat for your body at home & while traveling.
Tutorials On Nutrition 
You will have full access to tutorials on nutrition that make gaining muscle easier & more enjoyable.
2. Lift Weights
16 Week Gainz Workout Plan
16 weeks of weightlifting + jump rope workouts designed to help you build lean muscle mass.
Weight Lifting Tutorials
Weight lifting tutorials from beginner level all the way to advanced.
Lifestyle Hacks
We'll give you our personal strategies that we use to make gaining muscle easier.
You can expect to get these results...
Building muscle mass is a marathon, not a sprint. If you are new to lifting you can experience some beginner gains, which equate to some fast results, but for anyone with any experience you can expect slow, steady and consistent growth.
Slow, steady and consistent wins the race.
One month... gain 1 pound of muscle
 Full 16 weeks...  gain 4 pounds of muscle
Repeat our program 3x: 10 pounds of muscle
The beauty of our program is that it doesn't take over your entire life. You're not going to do the stuff that bodybuilders do, which is why you will be able to stick with it.
Here is a look at some of the dudes who have gained muscle working with us...


In less than 12 weeks working with Zen Dude Fitness Cam was able to transform both his body and mind. Through implementing intermittent fasting he is now the leanest he's ever been and has a thriving start up. One of the biggest advantages Cam found through working with us was the simplicity and ease involved in the process of getting lean and living a life optimized for both productivity and happiness.


Harrison is a long time Zen Dude Fitness follower who applied the core philosophies we teach around nutrition and exercise and was able to completely transform his body. Beyond his physical transformation his happiness has significantly increased by applying the mindset strategies he learned through his Zen Dude Coaching experience with us.


Zen Dude Fitness has helped me get closer to my body fat % objective while training for an Ironman Triathlon. It’s usually very difficult to combine fat loss objectives with high performance in sports. Often, they require different nutrition regimens. Dan and Brandon have helped me drop from 19% to 10% body fat. I am lucky to call Dan Witmer and Brandon Epstein my friends as well as remarkable coaches.


I joined the Zen Dude Fitness program in all honesty because I wanted to lean up for the summer. The biggest thing I needed to make my transformation was a mindset shift and accountability, which is exactly what I got from the Zen Dudes. Once I made the shift I was able to take action with their guidance on knowing how much to eat and how to train specifically for fat loss. For anyone thinking about joining their program I would simply say “Get your ass in the community.” Not just to get in shape, but to learn the habits and mindset to transform your entire life.

The Zen Dudes 
(That's right, we went on the same journey you're about to embark on)
You are in control. If you want this and it's a priority for you - then you will get results. The methods are proven. You just have to put in the work.
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